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Michael Kimbell has been a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild since 1979.

He is a an award-winning composer and clarinetist who has won numerous accolades for his original music compositions, which range from chamber, choral, piano, and vocal works to symphonies, short operas, and children's theatre music. As part of music-making, he keeps pianos singing and operating at their full potential.

Edith Kimbell is a free-lance music editor and translator, who brings to vocal works a keen sense of poetic faithfulness and wondrous vocal diction.

Together, as composer, music publishers, and artists, Michael and Edith share a passion for creating and revitalizing music for audiences and musicans alike.


"Fantasias & Fugues"
Music for Harp
performed by Katrina Szederkényi

Michael Kimbell: Ballade Arctique (full version) — sample

MSR Classics

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Get the music of Arctique Ballade here.


Front Line for chamber orchestra and narrator, June 2014 performance

Arctic Ballade (abridged version) for solo harp, Camac Festival, October 2014 Perpignan, France

Poème for violin and harp, recording 2011 (audio only)

Celestial Encounters for solo piano, 2013 video by Sally Christian

Time does not move for chamber orchestra and narrator, May 2013 performance

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To get my works played more, I have decided to make them all available free of charge!

Please go ahead, download play and enjoy them.

If you wish a bound score please give me an email note and I'll send it to you.

Concert managers: Please contact ASCAP.com for license to perform my works in paid concerts.

Michael Kimbell

 "Creating sound pictures miraculously"

Molly Schrag in 20th Century Music
(on "Celestial Encounters" for solo piano,
composed by Michael Kimbell)