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Orchestral & Symphonic Works

Die Zeit geht nicht (Time Does Not Move) (2006)
for narrator and orchestra
10 min

Version A: 1110 0110 1perc str

Version B: 12(EH)22 2100 1perc str

Version C: 1111 1110 1perc str

Poem by Gottfried Keller, English performing translation by Edith & Michael Kimbell:

Time does not move, it stands still,
We travel through it;
Time is a caravansary,
We are the pilgrims.

A something, formless, colourless,
Which takes shape only
Where we rise and sink along it,
Until we melt away again.

A drop of morning dew flashes
In a shaft of sunlight;
A day can be a pearl,
And a century nothing.

Time is a blank parchment
That all of us inscribe
With our red blood
Until the stream sweeps us away.

To you, wondrous world,
Infinite beauty,
I too write my love letter
Upon this parchment.

Glad am I to have blossomed
In your encircling garland;
In gratitude I shall not foul the spring
But praise your radiance.

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