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Orchestral & Symphonic Works [O5p]

Rondino capriccioso (2001)

2(pic)2(EH)2(Eb)2 4231 3perc str
4 min

Dramatic, sarcastic rondo/quodlibet featuring a Turkish march and a surprise ending; other tunes that flit in and out of the texture include Haydn’s tune Austria and Home, Sweet Home. In a mischievous, if bittersweet comment on events of the early 21st century, the latter tune is superimposed on the Dies Irae.

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Reviews & Testimonials:

    “...the work is a veritable orchestral kaleidoscope, with witty effervescences that are obviously as much fun for the players to perform as for the audience to listen to... It is refreshing to hear such vibrant music that attempts neither to be a pastiche of the past, nor to explore some abstract and abstruse school...but instead stands firmly and unapologetically on its own frank enjoyability.”
    -- Edmund Kimbell in 21st Century Music, March 2002

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