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Music Excerpts

Sheet music and mp3 excerpts
by Michael A. Kimbell

Chamber Music:

Dialogues for two clarinets (1968)
Five short, witty pieces for advanced players
2 clarinets

Poème for violin and harp (2009)

Ricercar for Brass Octett (2000)
Transcribed contrapuntal Easter choral work
3 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones and tuba.

Romanza for oboe, viola (or clarinet) and piano (1977)
A lyrical, contrapuntal and very expressive piece.

Variations on "Springfield Mountain" for flute and piano (1992)
"On Springfield Mountain there did dwell / A lovely youth, I knew him well-eye-ell"
These lively variations, based on one of America's oldest folk songs, retell the story of the young couple who die of snake poison; an ironic twist is given to the ending.

Woodwind Quintet (1969)
An audacious, sarcastic first movement, a breakneck scherzo, a lyrical adagio and a lively fugue are all framed by a fantastic and atmospheric introduction which reappears at the end.
Orchestral Music:

Arcadian Symphony (1997)
symphony in five movements

Kritik des Herzens (The Heart's Critique) (2003)
for tenor and chamber orchestra

Nachtgesänge (Night Songs) (1999)
tone poem for orchestra

Pastorale (1974)

Rondino capriccioso (2001)

Taklamakán (2004)
tone poem for orchestra
Piano Music:

Fantasy Sonata (1998)

Gavotte from Arcadian Symphony
transcription for solo piano

Reinecke, Carl, Fairy Tale Portraits op. 147
for piano solo
edited and published by Michael and Edith Kimbell

Nocturne (2007)
for piano solo
Vocal Music:

Alleluia (1992)
for professional 8-part a cappella choir

Emigrant Songs (1998)
for soprano or baritone and piano

Kritik des Herzens (The Heart's Critique) (2003)
for tenor and piano or chamber orchestra

Of Birds and Beasts (1979)
for 2-part treble chorus or 2 soloists and piano

Three Lieder (1969)
for soprano or baritone and piano

Three Sonnets from the Portuguese (1965)
for soprano and piano
Stage Works:

The Hot Iron (1997)
miniature opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano